About Ricochet - PPE Manufacturer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Joseph Speranza

Chief, Hawthorne, NJ Fire Department

"On behalf of the Hawthorne Fire department, we would like to recommend the purchase and use of Ricochet Gear. Our department began searching for a durable and comfortable set of turnout gear for our members to reduce fire ground fatigue. The transition to utilizing Ricochet approximately seven years ago with two test sets and to date we are thoroughly satisfied. The gear wear, stability, durability, and excellent comfort has so far exceeded multiple other manufactures which we purchased from in the past. Our representative and Ricochet manufacturing have been excellent to work with in solving our requests and design changes, fit issues have been rare and gear is being reported as extremely comfortable by our members. We recommend the Ricochet line as one of the most comfortable and durable sets of gear we have purchased."

Larry Wiersch

Executive Director Cetronia Ambulance Corps

“We chose Ricochet in helping us keep our EMS 
personnel safe. We are pleased with their commitment to 
EMS safety gear and how helpful they were in guiding us 
in our decision. Ricochet provided exceptional customer 
service throughout our purchase decision as we chose 
what was right for our providers”

Rodney Born

Chief, Wall, TX Volunteer Fire Dept.

"Our department has been trying to keep up with the NFPA requirement to retire structural firefighting gear ten years after manufacturing. Previously, the cost for custom fit gear for our firefighters prevented us from meeting that goal. After seeing the gear that you sell to the US Air Force under their contract, our department was interested in trying Ricochet. During the gear discussions, the newer fabrics and possibly lower costs became important to us. After all of the test data was provided for the Omni Elite fabric with the CrossTech Black moisture barrier our department decided to go with your Maximum Mobility Omni Elite gear. Wow!!! Are they happy with that choice. The gear fits just as it was measured and after a couple of washings, the gear is as comfortable as an old cotton t-shirt."